Editorial Team


Name: Chen-Chi Shing

Designation: Professor

Department: Computer Science

Email: cshing@RADFORD.EDU

University: Radford University

Country: United States


Name: Guo Wei

Designation: Professor

Department: Mathematics & Computer Science

Email: guo.wei@uncp.edu

University: University of North Carolina

Country: United States

Executive Editor in Chief

Abdel-Badeh M Salem

Marco Gavanelli
Associate Professor,Italy

Oscar Valero Sierra
Associate Professor,Spain

Editorial Board

Sunil K. Sapra
Professor,United States

Zhenmin Chen
Professor,United States

Gregory J. Grigoropoulos

Chunlei Liu
Professor,United States

Nikolay N Karabutov
Professor,Russian Federation

Hamid Ali Abed Al-Asadi

Feiping Nie

Muhammad Sarfraz

Ashraf Darwish
Associate Professor,Egypt

Apostolos Gkamas
Associate Professor,Greece

Rashid A Saeed
Associate Professor,Sudan

Dariusz Jacek Jakobczak
Assistant Professor,Poland

Nicola Bicocchi
Assistant Professor,Italy

Darko Brodic
Associate Professor,Serbia

Riccardo Zese
Associate Professor,Italy

Kassem M Danach
Programme coordinator,Lebanon

Wei Tian
Assistant Professor,China

Essaid Meryam
Assistant Professor,Korea, Republic of

Omar Cheikhrouhou
Assistant Professor,Tunisia

Lianwu Guan
Associate Professor,China

Baltatu Madalina Simona
Assistant Professor,Romania

Yuanlong Xie

Vladimir Fedorovich Filaretov
Professor, Head of laboratory,Russian Federation

Raman Kumar
Assistant Professor,India

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