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Research Article

Application of Tramadol Hydrogel as a Transdermal Drug Delivery with Sonophoresis Device to Rats

Corresponding Author: Sitem Merve Sahin, Hacettepe university, Turkey.
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Research Article

Why Are Bat Molecules More Effective Than Chloroquine and Its Derivatives Against the Covid-19 Epidemic? Opinions and Comments

Corresponding Author: Abdelkader Rahmouni, BP 1524, El’Menouer, 31000 Oran, Algeria.
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Research Article

The Role of Electron Structure of Polymers at Their Biodegradation in Living Organisms

Corresponding Author: Letfullin RR, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Department of Physics and Optical Engineering, United States.
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Research Article

Synthesis and in Vitro Anticancer Activity of LCA-AZT Conjugate

Corresponding Author: Hengguang Li, Physics& Material Science Fayetteville State University, Department of Chemistry, Fayetteville, United States.
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Review Article

Antimicrobial Peptide Surrogates Based on Freidger Lactam

Corresponding Author: Shimon Shatzmiller, Ariel University of Samaria, Department of Biological Chemistry, Ariel, Israel.
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Editorial Team

Welcome to Drug Design, Development and Delivery Journal

Drug Design, Development and Delivery Journal is an esteemed open-access platform dedicated to the publication of high-quality research and advancements in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Our journal serves as a nexus for researchers, scientists, clinicians, and industry professionals to share pioneering research, innovative methodologies, and emerging trends in drug design, development, and delivery systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences by disseminating cutting-edge research and innovative practices in drug design, development, and delivery. We aim to provide a comprehensive platform that fosters collaboration, drives innovation, and enhances the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.

Journal Focus

Drug Design, Development and Delivery Journal covers a wide range of topics within the pharmaceutical sciences, including but not limited to:

  • Drug Discovery and Design: Research on novel drug discovery strategies, computational modeling, structure-activity relationships, and target identification.
  • Preclinical and Clinical Development: Studies on the preclinical and clinical evaluation of new drug candidates, including pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and toxicology.
  • Drug Delivery Systems: Innovations in drug delivery technologies such as nanotechnology, sustained-release formulations, transdermal delivery, and targeted delivery systems.
  • Pharmaceutical Formulations: Research on the development and optimization of pharmaceutical formulations, including solid, liquid, and semi-solid dosage forms.
  • Biopharmaceuticals: Advances in the design, development, and delivery of biologics, including monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, gene therapy, and cell-based therapies.
  • Regulatory Affairs and Quality Control: Insights into regulatory guidelines, quality control practices, and compliance issues in drug development and delivery.
  • Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine: Studies on the role of genetics in drug response and the development of personalized therapeutic strategies.
  • Translational Research: Research bridging the gap between laboratory findings and clinical applications, focusing on the translation of scientific discoveries into effective therapies.

Join Our Community

We invite researchers, scientists, clinicians, industry professionals, and students to join our vibrant community dedicated to advancing pharmaceutical sciences. Engage with groundbreaking research, share your expertise, and collaborate with peers to drive innovation and improve therapeutic outcomes.

Submit Your Research

Drug Design, Development and Delivery Journal welcomes submissions of original research articles, reviews, case studies, and short communications. We are committed to a rigorous peer-review process and ensuring that your work reaches a global audience, fostering scientific progress and innovation.


Thank you for choosing Drug Design, Development and Delivery Journal as your source for the latest advancements in pharmaceutical sciences. Together, we can accelerate drug discovery, enhance therapeutic interventions, and improve patient care worldwide.

Aims and Scope


  1. Promoting Pharmaceutical Innovation: Our aim is to promote innovation in drug design, development, and delivery by publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed research that contributes to the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences.

  2. Enhancing Therapeutic Effectiveness: We aim to enhance the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions by disseminating research on novel drug delivery systems, optimized formulations, and personalized medicine strategies.

  3. Fostering Global Collaboration: We are committed to fostering global collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals to address challenges and opportunities in drug development and delivery.


Drug Design, Development and Delivery Journal welcomes contributions across a diverse range of topics, including:

  • Drug discovery and design
  • Preclinical and clinical development
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Pharmaceutical formulations
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Regulatory affairs and quality control
  • Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine
  • Translational research

By encompassing this broad scope, the journal aims to serve as a comprehensive platform for the dissemination of research and innovation in pharmaceutical sciences.

Subjects covered by the Drug Design Development and Delivery Journal

  • Rational Drug Design
  • Molecular Docking
  • Novel therapeutic approaches to disease states
  • High-throughput screening
  • Combinatorial chemistry
  • Advances in key compound classes and therapeutic areas
  • Virtual chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical toxicology
  • Molecular Drug Design
  • Molecular Pharmacology
  • Regulatory sciences
  • In Silico Drug Design
  • Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modelling
  • Retrometabolic Drug Design
  • Structure-Based Drug Design
  • Chemical Biology Drug Design
  • Protein structure prediction and molecular simulation
  • Herbal Drug Development
  • Translational Drug Development
  • Biotechnology and nano-technology
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Drug Discovery Hit to Lead
  • Drug-drug & Drug-Chemical Interactions
  • Compound Management
  • Computer-assisted Drug Design
  • Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships
  • Nano-materials in Drug Designing

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