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Volume 3: Issue 1 - Dec 2020

Research Article

Effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors on Renal Functions in Coronary Artery Disease Patients

Corresponding Author: Özge TURGAY YILDIRIM, Eskisehir Devlet Hastanesi Kardiyoloji Poliklinigi , Eskisehir State Hospital Cardiology Department, 26060 Odunpazari, Eskisehir, Turkey.
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Review Article

microRNAs as Promising Biomarkers of Chronic Kidney Disease. The Case of miR-223

Corresponding Author: Laurent Metzinger, Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Santé Batiment CURS - POLE J+2 Avenue Laennec- site Hopital Sud 80054 Amiens cedex 1., Université de Picardie Jules Verne Equipe HEMATIM UR 4666 , France.
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