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Muhammad Sarfraz


Muhammad Sarfraz is a Professor and V. Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in Kuwait University, Kuwait. He received his Ph.D. from Brunel University, UK, in 1990. He is currently working on various projects related to academia and industry. Prof. Sarfraz has been keynote/invited speaker at various platforms around the globe. He has advised/supervised more than 60 students for their MSc and PhD theses. He has published more than 305 publications in the form of various Books, Book Chapters, journal and conference papers. Prof. Sarfraz is a member of various professional societies including IEEE, ACM, IVS, SAVE and ISOSS. He is a Chair, member of the International Advisory Committees and Organizing Committees of various international conferences, Symposiums and Workshops. He has achieved various awards in education, research, and administrative services.

Research Interests:

Computer Graphics, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Image Processing, and Soft Computing

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