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Researching Space Science, Technology, Law and Economic Authorization Acts: A Methodological Approach to Discovering Emerging Trends

Corresponding Author: Edythe E. Weeks, Webster University, Missouri, FL, United States.
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Research Article

A Trampoline Effect Occurring in The Stages of Planetary Reseeding

Corresponding Author: Ian von Hegner, Aarhus University, Denmark.
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The International Journal of Space Science and Technology (IJSST) publishes original research papers in all areas of space activities with special emphasis on space and planetary exploration, earth observation, mission analysis, spacecraft and payload design, navigation and control and related space technology.

Aims and Scope

The main objective of International Journal of Space Science and Technology (IJSST) is to provide knowledge of various areas of space science and engineering. The journal is aimed to serve as a source of information exchange on the scientific technology advances among scholars, academic and research institutions and government space stations.

International Journal of Space Science and Technology (IJSST) publishes original papers, review papers, experimental results, mission-in-progress, and trend-setting ideas in the area of space science and engineering. Papers should be of a quality that represents the state of the art in the field and future trends.

Subjects covered by the International Journal of Space science and Technology

  • Ground-based and space-borne instrumentation
  • Planetary and solar system research
  • Laboratory simulation of solar system processes
  • Gravitational captures and resonances
  • Physics of magnetospheres & interplanetary matter
  • Earth observations of space phenomena
  • Space debris and space weather
  • Aerospace contribution to C4ISR systems
  • Detection of planetary ecosystems and pre-biological phenomena in the solar system
  • Physical and chemical properties of the exoplanets
  • Magnetospheric plasma and radiation belts
  • Steroids, comets and zodiacal light and their interaction with the solar radiation
  • Ground and space testing of space-borne instrumentation
  • Rheological and petrological implications
  • Earth observation from space and data processing
  • Orbital dynamics, satellite attitude control, space debris
  • Space communication and on-board hardware design
  • Spacecraft and payload design
  • Signal analysis, Image processing, Shape and texture analysis
  • Mathematical Modeling and Simulations, Cryptography, Spatial data analysis
  • Pattern recognition, Remote sensing, Geographical information systems
  • Nonlinear Dynamics & Stability, Data analysis for astronomy and astrophysics
  • Space informatic science and connection
  • Space biology and medicine
  • History of planetary and space research
  • Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures
  • Comptes Rendus Mecanique
  • Space technology applications and space technology development trend
  • Space mission analysis

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