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Guo Wei


Dr. Guo Wei is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP), and he is an adjunct professor in the College of Economics & Management at the Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology.

He  received a Ph.D. in Probability & Statistics and a Master’s degree in Computer Science under the New Mexico State University in 1999, one more Master’s degree in Statistics under the University of Texas at El Paso in1995, and still another master’s degree in Mathematics from The Northwestern University, China in 1988.

He had worked on various projects which were supported by NIH, DIA and NSFC especially in (China). He has been a grant writer to the Healthy Start Corp project at UNCP since 2000, A large national project targeting to reduce infant mortality and morbidity, which supported by HRSA, US Department of Health & Human Services.

Research Interests:

His research areas include Dynamical systems, Probability and Statistics, Computer Aided Designs, and applications in Social Science, Economics and Public Health.

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