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Dynamics of Induced Hyper-inflammatory States in Essential Replication- Induced Host Cell Injury in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome As Covid 19 Reformulation of Vesicle Genesis in Pneumocyte Type Ii Cells

Corresponding Author: Lawrence M. Agius, 27 “BALLARAT” Guzeppe Caruana Street Tal-Virtu, Rabat, Rbt09 Malta, Europe Formerly Of Department Of Pathology Mater Dei Hospital, Tal-Qroqq University of Malta Medical School Msida, Msida, Malta.
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Research article

The Prevalence and Associated Factors of Early Health Seeking Behavior for Childhood Acute Diarrheal Illnesses in Gondar Town, Northwest Ethiopia, 2016

Corresponding Author: Destaye Guadie Kassie, University of Gondar College of Medicine and health sciences, Department of Pediatrics and Child health Nursing, Ethipoia,
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Research article

Capsicum Chinesis (Hot Pepper) Powder Larvicidal Activity on Mosquitoes Larvae in Lafia Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Corresponding Author: Ombugadu A, Federal University of Lafia, Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.
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Case Report

Sequential Diagnosis of Pneumococcal Pneumonia, Thyroid Storm, Cytomegalovirus Colitis and Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in A Patient with Graves’ disease

Corresponding Author: Wen-Liang Yu, Chi Mei Medical Center, Department of Intensive Care, Taipei, Taiwan.
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Research Article

Candida Emergence in Adult Critically Ill Patients and the Administration of Systemic Antifungal Treatment

Corresponding Author: Maria Katsiari, Konstantopouleio - Patission General Hospital 3-5 Agias Olgas Street, Intensive Care Unit, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece.
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Editorial Team

Infections and emerging outbreaks are very common in human life and reported from many years ago. It is important to understand and respond to the emerging outbreaks to reduce the damage to the human kind. There are many infections that caused mortality at high rates such as ebola, zika virus and so on. Infections and Treatment Journal is one a source to provide insights in latest outbreaks and health care methods and eradication strategies to the clinicians and policy makers.

Aims and Scope

Infections and Treatment Journal is an open access peer reviewed journal initiated by Boffin Access provides insights in emerging infection outbreaks, disease symptoms, and treatment options and policy making issues. Infections and Treatment Journal invites significant findings for publication from clinical experts, medical and academic professionals for publication. Infections and Treatment Journal accepts original articles, review reports, case studies, communications and editorials.

Infections and Treatment Journal is bimonthly journal presents high quality articles on most trending topics of infectious diseases and related fields. Journal adopted standard editorial and review policies. Journal aims to share novel findings to the least corner of the world.

Subjects covered by the Infections and Treatment Journal

  • New infections resulting from changes or evolution of existing organisms
  • Old infections reemerging as a result of antimicrobial resistance
  • Known infections spreading to new geographic areas or populations
  • Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
  • West Nile virus infection, and zoonoses
  • Human demographics and behavior
  • Breakdown of public health measures
  • Epidemiologic findings within a broader public health perspective
  • New methods of detecting, characterizing, or subtyping pathogens
  • Developments in antimicrobial drugs and prevention or elimination programs
  • Innate and adaptive immunity to infection
  • Development of vaccines against nonviral pathogens
  • Infectious and sexually transmitted diseases in humans
  • Microbiome relating to host-pathogen interactions
  • Molecular Pathogenesis
  • Fungal and Parasitic Infections
  • Cellular Microbiology and Pathogen-Host Cell Molecular Interactions
  • Emerging and re-emerging etiological agents
  • Animal and environmental Microbiology
  • Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • Social and public-health aspects of infectious disease
  • Diagnostics development in prevention and treatment of infections
  • Clinical testing of herbal or traditional medications in preventing and infectious diseases
  • Epidemiology and pathology of zombie infections
  • Zoonotic infectious diseases

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