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Riccardo Zese


Riccardo Zese is a post-doctoral research assistant and a member of the Artificial Intelligence research group at the University of Ferrara. His work focuses mainly on reasoning and learning techniques for probabilistic logics. In particular, his goal is to develop a complete framework for managing probabilistic ontologies from linked data. In parallel, he investigates the exploitation of Prolog as a language for implementing competitive description logics, reasoning algorithm alone or combined together with DLs in hybrid frameworks. His PhD thesis was awarded of an honorable mention for the EurAI Distinguished Dissertation Award 2016 and was published as the book “Probabilistic Semantic Web - Reasoning and Learning”, published by IOS Press Amsterdam with AKA Verlag Berlin, on which this tutorial is based. The work done on one of the systems resulted from its work won the best paper award at the 7th edition of RR, held in Mannheim in 2013.

Research Interests:

  • Probabilistic Inference
  • Semantic Web
  • Description Logics
  • Artificial Intelligence

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