Editorial Team


Name: Jose Antonio F. Ramires

Designation: Professor

Department: Cardiology

Email: jose.ramires@incor.usp.br

University: University of Sao Paulo

Country: Brazil

Name: Richard Kones

Designation: Director

Department: Cardiology, Cardiometabolic Research Institute

Email: medkones@gmail.com

University: Tulane University School of Medicine

Country: United States

Editorial Board

Atasu K. Nayak
Professor,United States

David R. Holmes
Professor,United States

Wilbert S. Aronow
Professor,United States

Jeffrey J. Rade
Professor,United States

Fatih Yalçin
Professor,United States

Nicholas J. Ruggiero
Associate Professor,United States

Huili Gan

Osmar A. Centurión

Massimo Capoccia
Sr.Researcher,United Kingdom

Panagiotis Georgoulias
Associate Professor,Greece

Khusrow A. K. Niazi
Associate Professor,United States

Debabrata Dash
Associate Professor,China

Turgay Celik

Alexander E. Berezin

Chenxi Ouyang
Associate professor,China

Sandeep Kumar Kar
Assistant Professor,India

Erich Cosmi
Associate Professor,Italy

Santoro Giuseppe
Associate Professor,Italy

Frederic L. Paulin
Assistant Professor,Canada

Joanna Kocot
Assistant Professor,Poland

Ehud I. Goldhammer
Associate Professor,Israel

Salah Altarabsheh

Xu Lisheng
Director of the Department,China

Wenqian Zhou
Attending physician,China

Dimitrios L. Tsiachris
Assistant Professor,Greece

Sridevi Chennapragada
Consultant Cardiologist & Electro-physiologist,India

Sreekanthan Sundararaghavan
Deputy Director,Singapore

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