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Volume 3: Issue 1 - Jun 2020

Research Article

Synthesis and in Vitro Anticancer Activity of LCA-AZT Conjugate

Corresponding Author: Hengguang Li, Physics& Material Science Fayetteville State University, Department of Chemistry, Fayetteville, United States.
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Research Article

The Role of Electron Structure of Polymers at Their Biodegradation in Living Organisms

Corresponding Author: Letfullin RR, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Department of Physics and Optical Engineering, United States.
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Research Article

Why Are Bat Molecules More Effective Than Chloroquine and Its Derivatives Against the Covid-19 Epidemic? Opinions and Comments

Corresponding Author: Abdelkader Rahmouni, BP 1524, El’Menouer, 31000 Oran, Algeria.
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