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Zhenmin Chen


Florida International University is classified by Carnegie as a R1: Doctoral Universities - Highest Research Activity and recognized as a Carnegie engaged university. It is a public research university with colleges and schools that offers 196 bachelor"s, master"s and doctoral programs in fields such as engineering, computer science, international Dr. Zhenmin Chen Journal of Advanced Statisticsi¼ŒJAS Isaac Scientific Publishing Dr. Zhenmin Chen , Florida International University, USA Department of Mathematics and Statistics • Dongming Chen and Zhenmin Chen (2008) Statistical inference about the location parameter of the three-parameter Weibull distribution, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 79, 215-225. Florida International Univ., USA Zhenmin Chen (USA). For questions or more information regarding presentation submission, please email Prof. Zhenmin Chen, Conference Arrangement Chair

Research Interests:

  • Parameter Estimation and Joint Confidence Regions
  • Statistical Reliability Analysis
  • Goodness-of-fit Tests
  • Survey Sample Size Determination
  • Fairness Evaluation of Computer Network Resource Distribution
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Applied Statistics

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