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Abdelkader Zarrouk


Abdelkader zarrouk was born in Taza City, Morocco. He received his Ph.D. in Materials and Corrosion Science, from Mohammed First University, Morocco, 2011. He had published papers in international journals and presented many communications in symposia and national/international meetings. He has developed 2 Moroccan patents. He is on the editorial board of international journals. He is a reviewer at several international journals. He is the author of a two books.

Research Interests:

His main research interests are in the field of Physical Chemistry, especially electrochemistry (Corrosion and corrosion inhibition in all media for metals and alloys using various techniques). He is currently interested in using some quantum chemical methods like density functional theory (DFT) and other semi-empirical methods to study corrosion inhibition efficiencies of compounds.

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