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Hamed Mostafa SI


Sahar Ibrahim Hamed Mostafa completed her Ph. D. in Inorganic Chemistry: Channel system between Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (London-England) and Mansoura University Egypt. She did his M. Sc. in Inorganic Chemistry at Mansoura University. She previously worked as a Visiting professor, McGill University, Montreal, Canadacurrently she is working as a professor at Mansoura University. She has international grants and has many publications in national and international journals

Research Interests:

Her research interest, mainly focuses on

  • The developed of several aspects of O,O; N,O; N,S and N,O,S with low cytotoxic–chelate transition metal complexes
  • The synthesis, characterization, reactivity and applications of O,O; N,O; N,S and N,O,S low or non-cytotoxic transition metal complexes in particular for biology, particularly, anticancer, anti inflammation, antiosteoprosis

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