Damoder Reddy Motati, Ph. D.


Damoder Reddy Motati earned his BSc (Chemistry and Biology) and MSc (Organic Chemistry) from Osmania University, India. He got his Ph. D. in Chemistry from JNTU-Hyderabad/CSIR-IICT, India. He is currently working as a Research Scientist in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Union University, USA. Additionally, Dr. Motati has industrial research experience at Albany Molecular Research Inc. and teaching experience at Loyola PG College, Hyderabad and Union University-USA. He has published several articles in well-respected international scientific journals including Chem. Sci., Org. Lett., J. Nat. Prod. and J. Org. Chem. He has also received international awards and recognitions. Dr. Motati contributed significantly to the development of new strategies for the synthesis of key compounds for use in multiple applications, which allowed for vital advancements in anticancer drug development. The groundbreaking research of Dr. Motati in the field of medicinal chemistry for anticancer drug developmentmade him a leader in this area of research. His most impressive studies on the utility of MBH-adducts, C-H functionalization, cascade reactions and further application of ecofriendly (“green”) approaches to the synthesis of new chemical entities, drug intermediates, and bioactive natural productsin synthetic processes significantly contributed to drug discovery, which is inherently important to global public health. He also nominated as editorial member for other international journals and reviewer for more than 25 international journals.

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