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Eric S. Perlman


Dr. Perlman is currently a Professor in the Department of Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences at the Florida Institute of Technology. His main area of research expertise is in the field of high-energy astrophysics, specifically the physics of active galaxies, where he has made important contributions to our knowledge of jets, the high-energy, relativistic flows that emerge from the central regions of the most powerful AGN. He has also done ground-breaking work on cosmology, including work at the very edge of physics and astrophysics, laying out the geometry and framework for tests of quantum gravity using astronomical observations of the most distant quasars, and on the distribution of clusters of galaxies in the local and distant universe.

Research Interests:

His research interest focus on Active galactic nuclei: jet physics, lifecycles, evolution, environment, unified schemes; Clusters of galaxies and observational cosmology; High-Energy Astrophysics; Multiwavelength observational techniques (VLA, VLBI, imaging and spectroscopy in the near-IR, optical, ultraviolet and X-ray, monitoring campaigns, survey techniques, biases).

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