Quentin Andrew Parker


Quentin Parker obtained a PhD from the University of St.Andrews in 1986 and joined the faculty at the University of Hong Kong in March 2015 to take up the Headship of the Department of Physics. Prior to that Quentin worked at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh (1986-1992), Anglo-Australian observatory (1992-1999), Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh (1999-2002) and then in joint position with the AAO and Macquarie University (2002-2015) where he developed and led the MQ research centre in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astrophotonics. Research activities are mainly but not exclusively associated with Wide Field Astronomy (including being PI for the UKST H-alpha survey), large-scale redshift surveys, low-surface brightness galaxies, supernova remnants and especially Planetary Nebulae. He has also extensive experience as an instrumentalist with multi-object fibre-optic spectrographs and narrow-band filters. He has published more than 420 papers and articles and has supervised and co-supervised a significant number of PhD, MSc and honours students to successful completion and is always keen to attract students. Quentin is currently Associate Dean (Global) within the FoS at HKU and director of the Laboratory for Space research. He has a long-term interest in Chinese Bronze artifacts.

Research Interests:

An eminent researcher and observational astronomer whose interests include: Phases of Late stage stellar evolution especially Planetary Nebulae and Supernova Remnants; large scale wide-field surveys from the ground and from Space; Astronomical Instrumentation (fibre optics and narrow band filters), Galactic Archaeology, Galaxy redshift surveys, classification systems, Cubesats, Chinese Bronze and Antiquities.

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