Dr. Taihua Mu received his MS degree in Department of Food Science and Technology (1994) from Tokyo University of Fisheries, Tokyo, Japan and his PhD in Department of Utilization of biological resources, The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (1998) from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

He is presently the main scientist of Innovation Team of Fruit and vegetable storage processing quality change mechanism and control. He led his research group won 3 Provincial and Ministerial Achievement Awards in Sci. & Tech., 2 Association Achievement Awards in Sci. & Tech. He published 90 academic papers (including 32 of SCI), 6 authorized national patents, 3 monographs, and edited 10 books. 3 postdoctoral fellows and 51 graduate students (7 doctoral students and 44 postgraduate students) were trained during the period from 2003 to 2013.

Research Interests:

His research interest focuses on Extraction of bioactive components and their structural, physicochemical, functional and health characteristics of food processing by-products; Novel food processing technologies-high hydrostatic pressure technology research and its application.

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