Lorenzo Miguel PC


Lorenzo Pastrana has a PhD in Pharmacy (1991) by the University of Santiago (Spain). He was postdoctoral fellow (1992-1993) in the Centre de Transferten Microbiologieet Biotechnologie–INSA at Toulouse (France). In 1991 he joined the University of Vigo (UVIGO) in Spain as Assistant Lecturer in Biochemistry. Since 2010 is Professor of Food Science at UVIGO where he was the Director of the Centre of Research transference and Innovation (CITI) and Head of Knowledge Transfer Office (2009-2010). He founded the Galician Agri-Food Technology Platform (2006) join academic institutions and companies paving the clustering of the sector. His research is marked oriented with a multidisciplinary approach integrating methods and concepts of the biotechnology, nanotechnology and mathematical modelling. Currently he is working in the production of nanostructures (particles, tubes) with food grade polymers for controlled or muco adhesive release of bio actives in food packaging/processing applications. He is author of 4 licensed patents relating the development of new food products and process. He was the PI of more than 30National and European research projects and contracts arising funds around 2000K€ in the last ten years. In September 2015 he joints the INL as Head of the Department of Life Sciences.

Research Interests:

  • Micro and nano encapsulation of bioactive compounds for improving functional foods.
  • Edible, active and smart biodegradable food packaging solutions
  • Micro and nano structucturation of food ingredients for personalization by 3D printing and new creation of new sensations
  • Blockchain and anticounterfeiting solutions in the food chain value

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