Jin Seop Bak


Jin Seop Bak has a college degree in Yonsei University. (senior admissions), a Ph.D. in Korea University. with top honors, and both LittD and ScD in IBC (in Cambridge). He was the Project Leader in Faculty of KAIST, where he conducts his research activity. He was appointed to the post of Secretary-General (in United Cultural Convention), Professor, Director General (for Asia), and Adviser in IBC. He also worked as a researcher/scholar/judge especially in UC Berkeley (conditionally), MIT (conditionally), Korea University. (e.g., Institute of Life Science and Natural Resources), Seoul National University. (e.g., Center for Agricultural Biomaterials), KRIBB, IPET, and KIMST. In Korea University. Prof. Bak played a key role in teaching Physical Chemistry lectures. He is a leading member of a large number of academies (as the recipient/nominate of numerous awards; e.g., BioMedLib's TOP 20 and B&B Daniel I.C. Wang Award) and nonprofit/profit organizations (e.g., Mensa, IBA, MOIF, COEI, and WCOIM). His main area of investigation is Life/Natural/Applied Sciences, especially at all bio-based levels. He has achieved many research publications with highly citation index, 2 patents, 13 grants and has made a big number of communications in scientific events. He has been cited especially in Marquis Who's Who (with several awards) and IBC (with numerous awards; e.g., Hall of Fame).

Research Interests:

His research interest including Biological Sciences, Food Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Applied Sciences.

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