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Gianluca Brunori


Prof. Gianluca Brunori is full professor at Pisa University, department of Agriculture, Food and Environment (DAFE). Gianluca Brunori is scientific coordinator of the EU-funded GLAMUR, and has participated as leader of local research team into several EU projects such as “Support of Learning and Innovation Networks for Sustainable Agriculture (SOLINSA), “Knowledge brokerage to promote sustainable food consumption and production: linking scientists, policymakers and civil society organisations” (FOODLINKS) “Strengthening Innovation Processes for Growth and Development” (IN-SIGHT) “Capitalisation of research results on the multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas” (MULTAGRI), “The socio-economic impact of rural development policies; realities and potentials (IMPACT). He published some articles in reputable journals.

Research Interests:

His research activities focus on rural development strategies, marketing of local food, food policy, agriculture, social science, rural sociology, agricultural economics.

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