Dan C. Vodnar


Dan C. Vodnar is the Vice-rector for Research, Lecturer and PhD Coordinator on Food Biotechnology field at UASVM CN. He is involved in the fields of fermentation studying the metabolic capacity of strains to convert the substrates into valuable organic compounds, immobilization of strains and bioactive compounds on different matrices, exposure of food matrices to simulated gastrointestinal juices, food waste valorization into non-dairy probiotic beverages, carbohydrate metabolic conversions in sourdough fermentation, molecular gastronomy applications, functional innovative food products.

The research activity resulted in the publication of a total of some scientific articles in representative ISI journals in the fields, 18 were published as the main author (cumulated impact factor 63,07). Hirsch index 7 according to the web of science (165 citations). Dan Vodnar is experienced in managing international projects (JPI- LONGLIFE and Manunet-TOMATOCYCle), National projects (6 national projects and two academic grants) and he is the technical manager of the POC project. He is the main author of 5 patents awarded with 5 Gold Medals and one bronze Medal.

Research Interests:

His research interests include: Lactic acid fermentation, Food science and technology and Bioactive packaging, determination of antimicrobial activity on natural extracts and chemical synthesis substances; Cultivation of probiotic bacteria in bioreactor/semi-industrial; Immobilization/microinjection of enzymes and microorganisms; Fermentative bacterial/fungal/microalgae fermentation in aerobic/anaerobic systems; Development of innovative functional foods; Antimicrobial biofilms.

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