Claude Bakoumé Agronomist, Geneticist, Molecular Biologist, Breeder Senior Research Officer Member of Board of Managers of the High Institute of Medical Technology, Cameroon, and Co-Promoter of Maxi Productivity Sarl, Cameroon His first attempt was writing scientific articles date from 1988, one year after the completion of my 5-year programme and graduation as Engineer in Agronomy. Back from an attachment with Cirad (France) Breeding Unit at Montpellier, he wrote more than 10 planting reports and protocols of progeny trials. He had attended two courses on the scientific writing in 1998 and 2011. From 2008 to date, He had benefited from the advices of a professional editor who is also editor of all the papers I have contributed published by Journals or presented at different Conferences. He was co-supervising BSc Hons, MSc, and PhD candidates that he assist in the writing of their dissertations and theses. Claude Bakoumé was an author or co-author of 27 articles in International Journals, 26 in Proceedings. He had contributed to two books, co-authored and co-edited one book, and authored a book chapter.

Research Interests:

His research interest was Conventional breeding of oil palm leading to creation of new high yielding planting materials.

  • Molecular breeding: Application of DNA-based diagnostics to plant breeding (Genetic diversity studies, Genetic structure of germplasm collections and breeding populations for selection and breeding purposes, development of molecular markers, genetic map)
  • Collection‚ (in-filed and molecular) Evaluation, Utilization and Conservation of plantgermplasm.
  • Review of Research Projects in Breeding and Biotechnology.
  • Feasibility studies, a pre-requisite to development of oil palm plantation into new areas.
  • Assessment of region soils and climate suitability for agriculture and evaluation of site yield potential.
  • Assessment of soil water deficit and formulation of recommendations to reduce water deficit and to improve plant yield.
  • Provision of support service to Group management in implementing best agricultural management.
  • Cost benefit analysis, for projects to be implemented/adopted and provide justification and recommendation
  • Resource management and people development
  • Monthly and yearly performance reporting
  • Preparation of memorandum of understanding and memorandum of agreement for scientific and technical collaborations between research institutions.

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