Ahmed Eid Kholif


Dr. Ahmed Eid Kholif is an associate professor of dairy animal nutrition and milk production at The National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Kholif has received his B.Sc. from Cairo University, and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Ain shams University before eventually becoming a Researcher at the National Research Centre in 2013.He also awarded two postdoctoral research stays in the Facultad de MedicinaVeterinaria y Zootecnia, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Estado de México, México, for two years. Moreover, he has awarded a lot of scientific encouragementssuch as awarding the State Encouragement Awards 2017, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt, and Scientific Encouragement Award 2015 from National Research Centre (2015). He serves as a reviewer for more than 50 international journals, and also a member of the editorial boards of more than 20 international journals.

Research Interests:

  • Dairy animal nutrition and management.
  • Upgrading and utilizing the low quality roughages as ruminant feeds.
  • Evaluation of feedstuff (forages, concentrates, byproducts).
  • Mushroom production and manufacturing processing.
  • Estimation of diet digestibility in grazing ruminants.
  • Evaluation of different feeding strategies for lactating animals.
  • Use of prebiotics and probiotics to improve production and health of ruminants.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through improved feed efficiency.
  • In vitro screening of different nutraceuticals.
  • Use of probiotics to improve production and health of ruminants.
  • Evaluation of microalgae products for dairy nutrition.
  • Use of exogenous enzymes in ruminant nutrition.
  • Use of feed additives in ruminant nutrition.
  • Anthelmintic activity of phytogenic extracts.

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