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Tarek A M Aly Morsy


Dr. Tarek Morsy is a professor of Animal nutrition at National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. He received his B.S from Cairo University and his M.S. and PhD from Ain shams University before eventually becoming Researcher at the National Research Centre in 2005.After his twelve-year career as a researcher there, Dr. Tarek Morsy, granted a position as a professorin animal nutrition and dairy production in 2017 at National Research Centre. In addition to supervising on graduate students, Dr. Tarek Morsy works as a scientific reviewer for many international journals and He contributed in many scientific projects. He has participated in many scientific researches published in high impacted factor journals.

Research Interests:

His area of research interest as a fallows

  • Dairy Animals Nutrition.
  • Feed Enhancements.
  • Rumen Fermentation.
  • Milk quality and healthy dairy products.
  • Application of biotechnology in Dairy animal nutrition.

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