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Duaa Dakhlallah


Duaa Dakhlallah is a Research Assistant professor in Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Cell Biology from West Virginia University, USA and working on sepsis induction of epigenetic markers in plasma microvesicles. She is graduated in Bachelor of Science Biology from Mu’tah University, Jordan. She completed his masters in Science Biotechnology in AL-Bayt University, Jordan and again received her master’s in Master of Science Molecular biology from California state university, California, USA. She is a Doctor of Philosophy Molecular, Cellular and Development Biology from Ohio State University, the USA from 2006-2011. She has patents in the research related to microbiology topics. She presented many pre reviewed manuscripts, abstracts, conference proceedings.

Research Interests:

Molecular biology, Cell biology, Developmental biology, Biotechnology, Biomedical research, Biochemistry, Northern and southern blotting, Western blotting, Cloning: PCR, restriction digestions and ligations, transformation and transfection, Radioactive labelling, DNA extraction, purification and quantization, RNA extraction, purification, quantitation ,RT-PCR and si-RNA

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