Bing-Huei Chen, male, food scientist, received his Ph.D. degree in Food Science & Technology, Texas A & M University, the USA in 1988. His postgraduate career include working at Fu Jen University, Taipei, Taiwan as Associate Professor from 1988–1994, Professor from 1994–2000, Distinguished Chair Professor from 2004–present, Chair of Department of Nutrition and Food Science from 1994-2000, Director of Graduate Institute of Medicine from 2006–2009, and Dean of College of Human Ecology from 2012–2015. He specializes in Lipid Chemistry, Pigment Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Food Toxicology, Functional Food Development and Biological Activity Determination as well as Nanotechnology. Until now he has published over 175 research articles in internationally renowned journals and authored 11 book chapters in edited books published by International Publishers. He has been honored with a young scientist award and outstanding research award by the Taiwan Association of Food Science & Technology in 1993 & 2000, respectively; outstanding research award by National Science Council, Taiwan in 1993 & 1998; outstanding research award by the 4th International Symposium on Natural Colorants, San Diego, USA in 2000; outstanding research award and Chair Professor by Fu Jen University, Taiwan from 2004–present; Distinguished Professor of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2015; Lifetime Achievement Award by Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage in 2015.

Research Interests:

  • Intra Ocular Lens Safety and Efficacy
  • Keratomeleiosis

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