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Dr. Wilson, is an Honorary Senior Fellow of the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health, Durham University and his early background was originally in industrial chemistry until he joined the Tenovus Institute for Cancer Research, Cardiff University, where he spent 20 years in hormone-related cancers culminating in a keen interest in the application of saliva in chronobiological studies of health and disease which included human development where diet and exercise were considered important factors in determining health.. Dr. Wilson subsequently spent three decades as an international renowned scientist presenting well over 400 papers or so in over 30 countries in four out of 5 continents. He then joined the UK Governments Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food (ADAS) and later became Head of Statistics in ADAS where he developed a keen interest in food production and safety, horticulture, dairy, fruit, animal husbandry and arable farming interest. Dr.Wilsons expertise and experience dovetailed into the activities and aspirations in nutraceuticals and the work of the TsimTsoum Institute, in Krakow. Dr. Wilson has degrees in chemistry and biochemistry, psychology, biology, etc, quite apart from a DSc in cancer, chronobiology, and agricultural science. Indicators of esteem include the Jules Verne Medal in 1990 from the City of Nantes for work on Cancer Research; Certified Fellow Specialist of Clinical Hypertension conferred by Indian Society for Hypertension (FSCH/FISH).

Research Interests:

His research interests include: Endocrinology of Human Nutrition of the Elderly, Cardiovascular health, Chronomics, Natural products.

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