Michael J Gonzalez


Dr. Michael J. Gonzalez is Professor at the Nutrition Program, School of Public Health in the Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico and Adjunct faculty at the University of Western States And EDP University. Dr. Gonzalez is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and has authored over 200 scientific publications. He serves as a member on multiple scientific Editorial Boards. He has served as the consultant for several companies where he has been responsible for designing formulations of nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical products. He has also been a consultant for The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning (now Riordan Clinic), in Wichita, Kansas. He has obtained several research awards for his work on Nutrition and Cancer. He is currently Co-Director of RECNAC II project, and Research Director of the InBioMed Project Initiative. Dr. Gonzalez also serves as a nutrition consultant to the Puerto Rican Basketball National Team and is part of the Medical Commission of the Puerto Rican Basketball Federation. He was part of the Medical Staff of the Vaqueros de Bayamon professional basketball team in Purto Rico. He is in a part-time clinical practice with Dr. Miguel J Berdiel in Ponce, PR. In December 2013, Dr. Gonzalez was exalted as Distinguished Ponceño in Medicine. In 2015 he was selected as member to the prestigious Puerto Rican Academy of Arts and Sciences and to the Iberoamerican Academy of Culture and Sciences.

Doctor González is one of the founders of InBioMed, leaders in the development of non-toxic chemotherapy treatments for cancer. The findings of their work with Intravenous Vitamin C as an anti-cancer agent, published in 2002, were confirmed by the NIH in 2005. They published the first Phase-I clinical study utilizing Intravenous Vitamin C for treatment of terminal cancer patients in 2005, and also published in 2005 the most comprehensive review on Vitamin C and Cancer, as a follow-up on the work of two times Nobel Laureate, Dr. Linus C. Pauling. They have brought many new concepts into the scientific field, such as the Bioenergetic theory of carcinogenesis, the systemic saturation phenomenon of intravenous vitamin C, the metabolic correction concept for disease treatment and prevention. Dr. Gonzalez was inducted to the International Hall of fame of Orthomolecular Medicine April 2016. He is one of the first hispanoamerican and Puerto Rican to be inducted to the International Hall of fame of Orthomolecular Medicine.

Books: “I Have Cancer What Should I do: The Orthomolecular Guide to Cancer Management” provides evidence-based recommendations for an integrative approach for those dealing with cancer and seeking to improve quality of life and survival. In 2014 “New Insights Vitamin C and Cancer” a book on the scientific evidence on Vitamin C as an anticancer agent for Springer-Larger. Dr. Gonzalez is actually finishing a book on Metabolic Correction and Diabetes and writing a chapter on metabolic correction and disease for a Functional medicine textbook.

Research Interests:

His research interests mainly focus on the development of effective, non-toxic treatments for chronic diseases, especially cancer. Changing the biochemical conditions that promote, develop and sustain the malignant state can produce inhibition of malignant cell proliferation, increase aerobic metabolism and achieve re-differentiation. We are also interested in the development of non-toxic therapeutic strategies that enhance the effectiveness of other treatments or that reduce their toxicity. Ascorbic acid, lipoic acid, acetyl L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10.

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