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Hooshang Lahooti


Dr. Hooshang Lahooti is Principal Scientist and conjoint lecturer - Nepean Clinical School, University of Sydney - Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology - Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine. Dr. Lahooti primary research focus is on Molecular Genetics of Thyroid Eye Disease (Thyroid Ophthalmopathy) has published many articles on Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders and has developed a unique laboratory test which is found to be useful by ophthalmologists and endocrinologists to manage patients with various eye and thyroid disorders. He is an active member of many research institutes and international committees. He has authored many publications in reputable journals. Lahooti’s research career spans over 35 years during which time he developed various scientific and diagnostic skills as well as other skills such as interpersonal skills. Dr. Lahooti has Co-supervised, graduate and postgraduate students, bench supervision and molecular and cellular laboratory techniques teaching. In 2015, Hooshang Lahooti was the tutor for three medical students’ research projects in the new scheme of medical teaching at the University of Sydney. Lahooti’s research publications citations are 1085 with h-index of 14 as currently stated on Google Scholar citations index website.

Research Interests:

His research interest mainly focuses on Molecular Genetics of Thyroid Eye Disease (Thyroid Ophthalmopathy) at Nepean Clinical School, University of Sydney. This research fits his scientific and clinical diagnostic expertise and he is able to contribute and use his comprehensive skills and knowledge to improve the health of patients suffering from Thyroid diseases.

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