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Dr. Fuente M D R R D L


Rocio Redon completed his undergraduate, master's and doctorate studies at the Faculty of Chemistry of UNAM. Subsequently Rocio redon held a postdoctoral stay in the now Group of Materials and Nanotechnology, Center for Applied Sciences and Technological Development (CCADET). Rocio Redon has worked in the lines of research on the production of catalytic systems of homogeneous macro crystals and nanosystems, as well as their recovery by methods of nanofiltration, focused both on the treatment of atmospheric pollutants and on the production of base compounds in the development of chemical species of pharmacological interest. Currently, it is developing and implementing the resources for a new line of research oriented towards the manufacture of drug releasing materials through the use of small-generation dendrimers and multifunctional "Miktoarm" polymers.

Research Interests:

Rocio Redon research interest mainly focuses on:

  • Metallic Nanoparticles
  • Nanomaterials for catalysis
  • Study of molecules for drug delivery

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