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Zafar Mahmood


Zafar Mahmood obtained his Ph.D. in Infection & immunity section from Graduate school of Life sciences, University of Wuerzburg, Germany with Magna cum Lauda. His doctoral work done in Department of Rheumatology and clinical immunology focused on autoimmune diseases. Before working in the field of human immunology, he also worked in the areas of cancer biomarker, chemoprevention and toxico-proteomics. During his research, several articles are published with high citation rate. Death receptor: target as cancer therapy was second most cited paper of the year. During his doctoral he has been awarded with several prestigious scholarship and travel grants to present his work and actively participate throughout worldwide.

Currently he is based at Emory University, Atlanta and mainly focus on Mechanism of immune cells in autoimmune diseases in human.

Research Interests:

His research interests are microbiology, immunology, autoimmunity, tumor-cancer research and toxicology.

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