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Natesan SK


Suganthini Krishnan Natesan is an associate professor and also Section Chief and Infectious Disease Consultant in the Division of Infectious Diseases at John D. Dingell VA Medical Center, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. He is also a VA Member of M1 IRB Committee. He has completed his degree in Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Medical School, Madras Medical College, Madras University, Madras, India in 1992. He has completed his fellowship in Infectious Diseases, Wayne State Univ, Detroit, MI. He is a member of Infectious Disease Fellows Clinical Review Committee at Wayne State University. He has also been a Research Assistant in Louis Elliman Research Center at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI from 1996 to 1998. He was honored by the Mother Theresa Award for rendering health care in Madras shelters in 1994. He has also been honored for the Best Intern Award, and Dr. PES Award for The Best Resident, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Pontiac, MI.

Research Interests:

Infectious Disease Medicine

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