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Fernandes de Araujo L


Fernandes is the Professor of the Postgraduate Program (Stricto Sensu) in Psychology and Sociology and the Department of Psychology of the Federal University of Piaui – UFPI (Parnaiba Campus/PI). He has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Granada (Spain) with a sandwich period at the University of Bologna (Italy), Master in Psychology and Health from the University of Granada (Spain), Master in Social Psychology and Specialist in Gerontology from the UFPB (João Pessoa- PB).

Research Interests:

Social Psychology, Theory of Social Representations; Psychology of Aging, Psychogerontology, Elderly / Old Age, Psychosocial Aspects of Drugs, Psychological Aspects of HIV / AIDS Prevention, Homoafetividade and LGBTT People.

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