Dr Marcela Carina Agostini


Dr. Marcela Carina Agostini has held the position of Professor of Internal Medicine at the Univeristy of Universidad Abierta Interamericana. She did her Doctor in National University of Rosary beads in 1996. She was awarded by College of Physicians of the city of Rosario in 2001and National Technological University of Rosario in 2014, 2016. She did her Doctoral Degree in Medicine National University of Rosario, and Re-certification as a Medical Clinic Specialist: granted by the College of Physicians of the Province of Santa Fe, Second Circumscription in 2007, 2012. She is the Permanent Adjunct Professor of "Internal Medicine I and Internal Medicine II at the Open Inter-American University from April 2010 to the present.

She has been serving as Postgraduate Professor in the Course "Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention of HIV / AIDS", in the CAICI Institute, of 30 hours of duration with final evaluation, carried out from 2007 to the present. She participate in 54 Concurrence to Courses, Conferences and Congresses. She participate in 39 clinical research studies as a Co-Investigator, and presented 23 scientific works in conferences and international congress and presented 58 scientific works in national courses, conferences and congress. She published 24 articles in International and National journals, 14 chapters of books, 6 books, and participation in scientific societies and other activities.

Research Interests:

  • HIV
  • Lung
  • Woman
  • Aging
  • Co morbidities
  • Co infections
  • Complications Anti retroviral Treatment

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