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Charles Travis


Charles Travis was conferred a PhD in Geography by Trinity College, The University of Dublin (2006). He also holds MAs in Geography & Planning and Mass Communication, and a BA in Psychology. Currently he is Assistant Professor of Geography and Geographical Information Science with the Department of History at the University of Texas, Arlington, and a Visiting Research Fellow with the Centre for Environmental Humanities in the School of Histories and Humanities at Trinity College Dublin. His book publications include: The STEAM Revolution: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Humanities and Mathematics (Springer 2018),The Digital Arts and Humanities: Neogeography, Social Media and Big Data Integrations and Applications (Springer Press: 2016), Abstract Machine: Humanities GIS (Esri Press: 2015) History and GIS: Epistemologies, Reflections and Considerations (Springer Press: 2012) and Literary Landscapes: Geographies of Irish Stories, 1929-1946 (2009).

Research Interests:

Humanities Geographical Information Science, Public Health and Climate Change, Medical, Digital and Environmental Humanities, Historical and Cultural Geography.

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