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Evangelos M Mazaris


He completed his urological training at the 2nd Department of Urology at the University of Athens Greece in 2009 and became accredited in Urology after successful exit exams. In the same year he also passed with excellent marks the Fellow of European Board of Urology (FEBU) exams.

In the same year he took up a post as a Senior Fellow in Urology/Uro-oncology at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage UK for 2 years including training in robotic surgery. He was then promoted to the same hospital to a L. Consultant for 1 year. He subsequently took up a post of L. Consultant at Imperial College NHS Trust for 2 years working both at St. Mary’s as well as Charing Cross hospitals in London. From April 2014 he was appointed as a Consultant at Hinchingbrooke Hospitalin Huntingdon Cambridgeshire creating with my colleagues a totally new Department of Urology in the hospital.

In 2005 he obtained an MSc in Surgical Science by Imperial College London in 2009 and he obtained an MD from the University of Athens with a thesis title ‘use of NSAIDs for analgesia after radical retropubic prostatectomy’.In 2010 he obtained a Ph.D. from Imperial College London with my thesis titled ‘ethical issues in live donor kidney transplantation’.

He have published book chapters and articles in national and international journals. He has presented at national and international meetings. He was an editorial board member for several journals and he also reviews papers for journals. He was referenced in ‘Who is who in medicine and healthcare’ during 2009-2012 and also in ‘Who is who in the world’ in 2013.

Research Interests:

His research interest focuses is on stone disease, male and female LUTS, cancer diagnostics, laser prostatectomies and UTIs.

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