Nagy A. Youssef


Dr. Nagy A. Youssef is an Associate Professor at the Medical Colleague of Georgia, Augusta University. He has conducted research studies (as PI or co-investigator) in the research areas in civilians, veterans, and active duty personnel, and has presented his research in many scientific peer-reviewed journals, published abstracts, and lectured nationally and internationally. His clinical training included medical school at Cairo University (Egypt); and psychiatry residency and postgraduate fellowship at the University of South Alabama and Yale University. He also completed a postgraduate research fellowship at both Durham VA and Duke University. He was on the faculty at Duke University before moving to Augusta. He has specialized training in ECT, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), and MST from Duke University. He has been awarded several national awards.He serves +an editorial board member of several scientific journals. He also held several offices in scientific societies including being a member of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairman of the American Academy of Clinical Psychiatrists for 10 years and co-chaired several scientific conferences.

Research Interests:

His research interest mainly focuses on clinical, and research in areas related to mechanistic and therapeutic innovation for treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders. He did extensive research in the areas of mood disorders, and PTSD and suicide prevention especially as it pertains to brain stimulation and modulation and genomics.

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