Farshad Najafipour


Dr. Farshad Najafipour is an internationally recognized authority on the sports psychology. He has been a consultant and has provided individual and group training to team physicians, coaches, and athletes in Iran. He is a frequent speaker at AJA university and a featured speaker for Iran Sports Medicine Federation. He has consulted with health and medical facilities around Iran. He has worked with athletic clubs in many disciplines.Dr. Najafipour received his MD degree from Shiraz University, Iran and earned his Ph.D. in Sports Medicine from the University of Metropolitan, Manchester and performed PostDoc. Studies in Sports Psychology at Goteburg University, Sweden. He is a former Associate Professor in the Research center of AJA University, Iran. He is currently an adjunct faculty at the AJA University, Iran

He has published many articles in scholarly and popular publications and has given more than 100 workshops and presentations throughout the World.He is the author of many books including to make a Triathlete, Human Element in Combat, Secrets of Judo Psychology, Secrets of Psychologist for Athletes, Secrets of Counseling Room, etc.

Research Interests:

His research interests focuses on Radiation Therapy, Tumors, Military Medicine, Low Back Pain, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exercise, Physical Fitness, Health Management, Health Care Management, Sports Injuries, Cost Control.