Anjos dos Santos CHD


Dr. Carlos H. A. Santos completed her education in Fishing Engineering at the Federal University of Ceara, where he graduated in 2004. During her master studies, he joined a collaboration with Marco Antonio Igarashi working with the nutrition of crustacean, exploring their potential of culture on the farm. He received her Ph.D. in Genetics, Conservation, and Evolutionary Biology at the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA, Brazil) in 2011 studying the genetics of populations in the neotropical fish Arapaima gigas. He continued her post-doc research at the INPA where she explored the mRNA profiling (transcriptome) in brain and gonads of A. gigas. He is highly interested in the use of integrated approaches for the discovery of sexual markers in A. gigas.

Research Interests:

His interest mainly focuses in research of genome and metagenomic, transcriptome, conservation genetics, environmental DNA, evolutionary and genetics of populations.