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Hatzimanouil Dimitris


Hatzimanouil Dimitris He graduated with a first class honors degree in Sports from the University of Aristotle Thessaloniki, 2005.Followed by the completion of his Masters of Physical Education & Sport Science School, University of Thessaloniki Aristotle, 2001;He graduated from the School of Physical Education and Sport Science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1989. He had gone into Training as Handball I Didactic, Handball II Didactic; Handball Specialization. He did his Postgraduate Training courses for returning to play following injury. He had done work in Hatzimanouil Dimitris, (2011), under Books and Chapters. SIX + ONE (Technique-Tactic-Handball Goalkeeper Training), ISBN 978-6185242-15-2.Pubkications Disigma.Dimitris Hatzimanouil, (2017). Group Handball Didactic (Technical-Tactic Theory and Practice), ISBN 978-618-5242-16-9. Publications in Disigma.

Research Interests:

Handball, Beach Handball, Training, Training programs for prevention - rehabilitation of injuries, Injuries in Handball.

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