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Dominique Bodin


Dr. Dominique Bodin Professor of Universities in Sociology (19th section) at Paris Est Créteil University (ESPE Créteil) Specialist in the evaluation of public policies at local, national and international levels (evaluation, meta-evaluation and redefinition of public policies) and the analysis of phenomena of violence Expert for various international institutions (UN, UNICEF, Council of Europe, numerous other institutional bodies). He held an international chair at the Politecnica University of Madrid for 2 years (2009/2011), Vice-President, President of the European University of Brittany, Member of the Board, for 3 years (2008/2011) Director of laboratories (LAS-Larés then VIP & S) from September 2004 to January 2015 Director of an International Federative Research Structure from 2010 to 2016.

Research Interests:

His work focuses, mostly, on the relationship between sports and violence through two main axes and sport as a means of education, socialization and / or euphemisation of violence and, two prisms: on the one hand, the analysis of individual and / or collective actions and, on the other hand, the analysis / evaluation of public policies and policies social activities in the field of physical and sports activities. All publications represent a total of 329 publications.

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