Prakash SGudsookar


Prakash Gudsoorkar is a board-certified nephrologist who completed his Internal Medicine and Nephrology training in India. He subsequently moved to Canada where he acquired training in home dialysis (home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis), critical care nephrology, glomerular disorders etc. at Toronto General and Western Hospitals (affiliated to Uni. Of Toronto). He also completed his training in management of complex hypertensive disorders at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center (affiliated to Uni. of Toronto) and acquired title of Specialist in Clinical Hypertension (endorsed by American Society of Hypertension / American Heart Association). Dr Gudsoorkar advanced his knowledge of renal transplantation by completing American Society of Transplantation accredited renal transplant fellowship at Toronto General Hospital. He acquired proficiency in the management of deceased donor kidney transplants, evaluation of recipients for renal transplants, living kidney donor evaluations and management of kidney transplant immunosuppression in the setting of multi organ transplants. He subsequently moved to Cincinnati., USA to complete his GME accredited fellowship in General nephrology. He has published many articles in internationally reputed journal and is also a member of many scientific societies. Currently he serves as a reviewer and editorial board member for Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease Journal under the flagship of National Kidney Foundation (NKF).

Research Interests:

His research interests mainly focus on Acute Kidney Injury related patient centric outcomes, living kidney donor evaluations, utility APOL-1 genotyping in African American living donors and utility of outreach programs for renal transplant evaluation.

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