Hong Liu


Prof. Hong Liu received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Zhejiang University in 1999. He was appointed as the vice president of Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, CAS. He performed his research on electrochemical technologies and principles for the treatment of high concentration organic wastewater. He was awarded by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2015. He was supported by the National Project for Research and Development of Major Scientific Instruments, CAS "100-Talents" Program, New Century Talents Project in University and a number of national projects. Prof. Hong Liu enjoys special allowance from the State Council of China.He has published over 90 papers, written 2 books, applied 16 patents, and obtained Chongqing Municipal Natural Science Prize Class-2 as the first owner.

Research Interests:

Prof. Hong Liu performed his research on electrochemical technologies and principles for the treatment of high concentration organic wastewater. He developed the novel E-Fenton process with the reaction-controlled pH adjustment that free of chemical addition, established a dynamic model of reaction rate control steps in photocatalytic wastewater treatment, set up a pilot-scale demonstration base for landfill leachate treatment in Chongqing, and output a first BODQ measurement instrument in light of new principle and method. His research interest mainly including:

  • Transformation mechanism of typical toxic chemicals in aqueous system of the Three Gorges Reservoir.
  • Development of the innovative advanced oxidation technologies for controlling of environmental micro-pollutants.
  • Research and application of the novel materials for municipal wastewater treatment and liquid clarification.
  • Research and application of the integrated techniques for purification of highly-concentrated wastewater.

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