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Gang PAN


Gang Pan is a physical and environmental chemist and a freshwater ecologist. He works on management of nutrient cycling and pollution control in natural waters and is recognized as a founding member for the field of geo-engineering for lake restoration. He pioneers in developing cost-effective and safe technologies for toxic harmful algal bloom and water-pollution controls (Modified Local Soil technology) and fundamental physicochemical theories (Metastable Equilibrium Adsorption theory) and methods in environmental and geochemical interfacial sciences (synchrotron and quantum chemical calculation techniques).

Research Interests:

His research line focuses on Aquatic ecological engineering; lake restoration; eutrophication and algal bloom control, Environmental interfacial chemistry: adsorption and flocculation reactions, Environmental nanomaterials: nanobubbles and its application to biofuel cells and hypoxia/anoxia remediation in deep water/ sediment, Microalgae bio-refinery technologies, Biogeochemical cycling of P, N, S, C, Hg, As in natural waters and sediment, Integrated Water-Energy-Food studies (iWEF).

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