Ibrahim Al Suhaili AR


AbdulRahim Ibrahim Al Suhaili completed his graduation from Ain-Shams medical school in 1969 with honor in Egypt. He was Director of Al Hadhar hospital in Mosel, Iraq 1972, SHO in Institute of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine in Baghdad and also was Registrar in the same place.He achieved Scholarship in Johns Hopkins University 1976in Nuclear Cardiology. He also acted as Senior Specialist in Ibn Al-Nafis Cardiovascular hospital in Baghdad, Iraq.He completed his M. Sc from Royal postgraduate Medical school at the University of London in 1983. He was Head of Nuclear Medicine in Tawam Hospital 1987-2004, Abu Dhabi, UAE. He appointed as Associate Professor at UAEUniversity, Alain, UAE. At present, he is appointed as Associate Clinical Professor at Dubai Medical School. He appointed as a Head of Nuclear Medicine & densitometry in Dubai Hospital. Abdul Rahim Ibrahim Al is first to start BMD in UAE and first to teach on Bone Densitometry in UAE. He is a founder member of Pan Arab Osteoporosis Society & Emirates Osteoporosis Society. He also appointed as a President of Pan Arab Osteoporosis Society. Recently he appointed as Current of Emirates Osteoporosis Society. His research work in Osteoporosis was awarded as best published paper by Sh. HamdanMedical Award, UAE in 2006. He has published 5 Chapters in several Textbooks Published 42 Papers in Nuclear Medicine, Osteoporosis & Densitometry.

Research Interests:

  • Radionuclides therapies in Endocrines, Musculoskeletal, Oncologic disorders
  • The true Status of Vitamin. D in the UAE
  • Nuclear Oncology
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Radiation Oncology

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