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William Hogland


Dr. William Hogland had completed his Master studies in the field of Civil Engineering in LTH/LU and post-doctorate from Lund University. Later Hogland became a research leader at Waste Management and Recovery Division, Department of Water Resources Engineering at Lund University. Since then, Dr.Hogland has been a member of several national and international committees in both Urban Hydrology and Waste Management. He has experience of teaching and research in over 50 countries and has been invited as a guest speaker at universities in 18 countries, among them Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Thailand, Tunisia, and the USA. Hogland has published more than 400 reports and research articles. He has also written textbooks and produced videos in the area of hydrology and waste management. He is currently working as a professor in the department of Biology and Environmental Science at Linnaeus University. He organized many international conferences. He was awarded for the Impact Award 2017 in the category “Physical Sciences&Engineering” for his outstanding project ”Integrated approach for Industrial Wastewater and Stormwater Management in Wood-Industry Sector Phases I and II”.

Research Interests:

His current project focuses on the topic “Closing the Life Cycle of Landfills - Landfill Mining in the Baltic Sea Region for future” sponsored the Swedish Institute which engages professors, researcher, students and companies around the Baltic Sea. His other research areas include water resources and waste management.

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