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Panagiotis Karanis


Prof. Panagiotis Karanis obtained his Ph.D. in Parasitology from Bonn University. Following post-doctoral research activities in Germany, Greece, Australia, Japan, Kanada, Thailand and China he has been working in the field of medical, epidemiological and molecular Parasitology taken into account both the pathogen and the disease. He completed his habilitation at Bonn Medical School in Germany and got professorships in Japanese and German Universities (Obihiro University, National Research Center and Cologne Medical School). He has an outstanding academic background, excellent publication record with more than 80 original articles in journals related to Parasitology and Tropical Diseases and he has significant teaching experiences in the fields of Medical Parasitology, Tropical Diseases and Anatomy. He has authored a couple of book chapters. He was the main speaker for the Noble-Days-Lecture during the Nobel-Days-Festivities at the Örebro University in Sweden in December 10th, 2012, focused on Malaria vaccine development.

Research Interests:

His worldwide research activities focused in the control of waterborne and vectorborne parasitic diseases including the development of diagnostic assays useful for basic and clinical platforms in the field of biomedicine.

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