Jerald A Lalman


Dr. Lalman has undergraduate degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering. His MASc and Ph.D. degrees are in chemical engineering and environmental engineering, respectively. He began his academic career after completing doctoral studies at the University of Toronto in 2000. From 1983 to 1995, while employed in consulting engineering, he worked on projects in the fine chemicals, petroleum, food processing, pulp and paper and automotive sectors. Currently, he is a professor in civil and environmental engineering department from the University of Windsor, Canada. He is a member of several organizations and recipient of several awards including Philip H. Jones Award at The CAWQ Western Canadian Symposium at the IAWQ 19th Biennial International Conference on Water Quality in 1998. He has published articles as well as chapters on his topic of interest in reputed journals and reference textbooks respectively.

Research Interests:

His research areas of interest are developing fermentation processes to produce biofuels and chemicals from agriculture products and residues. He is also involved in the development of microbial fuel cells, producing biodiesel from pretreated algae feedstocks and using photocatalysts to produce feedstock chemicals and fuels.

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