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Hussien Elsiesy


Dr. Hussien Elsiesy received his Mb.B.Ch degree from Cairo University (1996) and had postgraduate training new York in Internal Medicine (1998-2001) at Interfaith Medical V Center, he served as a chief resident at the same institution from 2001-2002, he has his Gastroenterology fellowship at The Brooklyn Hospital Center (2002-2005). He has the Transplant Hepatology fellowship at The Mount Sinai Medical Center as an AASLD fellowship award (2005-2006), he served as an assistant professor at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine (2006-2007) and continues as an adjunct assistant professor at the same institution, He worked as a chairman of Medicine then chairman of Liver transplantation at King Fahd specialist Hospital-Dammam (2008-2012) He is currently working as a consultant transplant hepatologist at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center and coordination the clinical research in the department.

Research Interests:

His research interest is in liver transplantation and epidemiology of viral hepatitis.

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