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Ali Cyrus Banan


Ali (Cyrus) Banan was a Head of the Departmental Research and Education at RUSH Chicago Medical School in Illinois, and Founding Head of the University-Wide Research and Education at the USC Medical School Greenville South Carolina. He was an author of 300+ peer-reviewed research publications, book chapters, and abstract presentations as well as invited national and international presentations; and inventor of several worldwide patents. Overall, he is a highly seasoned researcher and academic educator with proven track-record of successfully leading innovative Academic Research and Education programs, nationally and globally. He was a renowned scientist and academician on the International and National stages. Dr. Banan was a tenured, Professor and Director of Digestive Diseases Research and Education at RUSH University of Chicago as well as Professor and Exec. Director at University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Greenville while being the Chief Science Officer and Senior Vice President Research & Economic Development at Emerge. He is a recognized global expert in basic, clinical, and translational medicine research and scholarship areas, in particular, immune/autoimmune and inflammatory disorders as well as a seasoned executive who has achieved tremendous success by leveraging innovation during his hybrid academic and industry career.

Research Interests:

  • Role of growth factors (e.g., EGF; TGF-?) in gastrointestinal mucosal protection and repair
  • The effects of herbal antioxidants on gut mucosal barrier function and inflammatory events: Potential uses in IBD Therapy?
  • Oxidative effects of alcohol on gastrointestinal mucosa
  • Novel Mechanism for Alcohol Promotion of Breast and Colon Cancer

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